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20 October 2002
Names, Names, Names!
Inspired by the lovely Postulant Peg Anne Holiday, I've decided to post my list of unclaimed Sister names. Choosing a name is as much a part of the process of becoming a Nun as any other. For some nuns, it can be a lengthy challenge, for others it is fairly easy. Our names come to us in many ways: a flash of inspiration from the Goddess, a gift from another Sister, or after many hours of thought and pondering. Many, many more names can be found on Sister Hellen Wheels' Nun de plumes page.

A list of actual Nun names, past and present, can be found on the Sisters' website. read further …

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10 June 2002
This is the best way that I've found to be the best you've ever seen
This Wednesday is the Sisters' monthly general meeting. It's a special occasion because myself and four others are all seeking elevation to Novice Sister. This is the single most important step in the process: after this, every thing is going to change.

I called around to several Sisters this evening asking for feedback and advice. One of the Sisters asked me if I was ready. Oh yes, yes I am. I'm ready and willing and very, very excited.
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15 March 2002
As though my arms could protect you
I found out this week that someone I know has been diagnosed with cancer. He found out on Valentine's Day. The doctors have told him that the cancer is inoperable and not only that, but it's the type of cancer that spreads. I have these horrible images of the cancer aimlessly wandering through his body, corrupting everything it touches.

The hardest part for me was trying to come up with a way of expressing how I felt; of trying to comfort and support him. I haven't gotten to that part of my nun training yet: they haven't taught me how to comfort the ill. So I told him that I had no words for him, no way of expressing how I felt. "Well then just give me a hug," he said. So I did. I hugged him like someone was going to try and snatch him out of my arms.
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22 February 2002
Last night, Sister Kitty, Postulant Bella and I spent some time in the Sisters' Archives. I had heard of the Archives, but it is truly something that must be seen. Nearly 25 years worth of collected Sister ephemera: pictures of nuns, nun clothing, posters, statues, small memorial shrines to Nuns of the Above. It was an amazing experience being in there. More of an experience than I can capture here in words.

In the course of photocopying a book for the archives, I discovered that our Sisters in the UK use polari in their ceremonies. For those of you who don't know, polari is a slang dialect that was adopted by the UK gay community a century or so ago. Upon discovering this, I thought of the gorgeous and brilliant Paul Baker, who has a PhD in the stuff.

Here is a collection of polari links from his site:
    "Mind your language"
    "Bona Contention"
    "Researching Polari"

I think my favourite polari word is "naff": Not Appropriate for Fucking.
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14 February 2002
Snatched for the Gods

Postulant: a person admitted to a religious order as a probationary candidate for membership; from Latin postulare: "to claim, demand, request"

During last night's General Meeting, I was voted in as Postulant to the Order. Although my Big Sisters were not there in person, I certainly felt them in spirit. Not only am I joining a wonderful Order of fabulous nuns, but I am also really fortunate that I have a great "class" of Postulants that will be coming up with me.

I am looking forward to my next four months with the Sisters. And I am especially looking forward to becoming Novice in June, knock on wood.
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05 February 2002
Little black dress… sort of
Inspired by Sister Betty, I went and bought an antique black chasuble from eBay. If you are looking for reduced-cost religious gear, eBay is the place to start, darlings. I've been pricing new chasubles and the cheap ones start around $150. I got this one for much less than that.

I'm a wee bit scared: I'm starting to develop a fetish for all of this religious wear. I suppose that's a good thing, given that I'm planning on being a nun and all. Besides, doesn't this set just scream Sisters of Perptual Indulgence?
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21 January 2002
"I thought it was just a big purple mumu."
I now know more about religious garments, or vestments than I ever knew was possible. You see, Sister Betty has let me borrow her purple chasuble and matching stole during my Postulancy.

I've also found out all about the symbolism behind the colours of the vestments. It turns out that purple is for penance. Personally, I think it's a fabulous colour. And how ironic that royal purple is used by the church for penance.

Now I just need to get a cope and a cassock or two.
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14 January 2002
"What's my name?"
It's official. Katie Klysm is no more, may she rest in peace. My soon to be Big Sister — Sister Lily White — has given me my new name, Edith Myflesh. I think it's a good name with a lot of room to grow into it. I am also really happy with the levels of meaning that lie within it. There's the vulgar meaning behind it, but there's also the biblical symbol: let my body sustain you. And the even deeper act of Jesus passing on his divinity to those who partook.

Some famous Ediths include Edith Flanigen, Edith Head, Dame Edith Evans, Edith Cavell, Edith Piaf, 'Little' Edie Beale, Edith Wharton, Edith Sitwell, Edith Hamilton, Edith Ann, Edith Massey and, of course, Edie Sedgwick .

"Whoso eateth my flesh … hath eternal life"

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09 December 2001
Doing our part for the economy
We went out shopping this afternoon, ostensibly looking for boots for Thursday's event. We were looking or knee high black or red boots, preferably with cha cha heels. Of course, we were not surprised that when we didn't find anything we wanted in an eleven and a half.

We had also been warned that our calves were way too thick for most women's knee-high boots. This proved to be the case with a nice pair of black boots that had a chunky heel and zipper. The zipper only went up about three quarters of the way before it refused to go up any higher.

Eventually, we found a nice, low cut pair of sensible shoes with a blocky three inch stacked heel and square toes. We also found a cute black scarf with silvery white snowflakes on it. It'll be perfect for Thursday. In the meantime, the quest for cha cha continues.

Pssst… he didn't tell you about the Todd Oldham jeans that he was talked into buying, did he?
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08 December 2001
A couple things from the cosmetics counter
We have a huge event on Thursday, the Saturnalia. Sister Lola asked me to come over to her place before hand so we could get made up. And I do mean, made up: make up, wig, dress. The whole nine yards. Although she said that she has everything I'll need there, I felt bad going over there empty-handed.

So I popped over to Rite Aid this afternoon and picked up some cosmetics. In true David style, I think I went a bit overboard and probably bought way more than I'll need. Especially since I'm not sure how useful some of this stuff will be when I start with the white face in six months or so (knock on wood).

I also want to pick up a new pair of boots. But we'll have to see if I can find anything in my price range tomorrow. I really need to get a job to pay for some of this stuff.
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06 December 2001
Give Me Cha Cha Heels
I just realised that this year is going to be the easiest Xmas shopping year ever for all of my friends and relatives. As a Sister, I have absolutely nothing when it comes to "vestments" and accessories. I am going to need it all; make up, wigs, frocks and heels. I especially want a nice pair of chunky-heeled, knee high boots. In black, natch.

I'm sure a corset wouldn't hurt either.

And you can't even imagine how odd it is for me to be saying this at all. I am the boy who swore he would never, ever do drag again. Never say never, I guess.
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15 November 2001
"Oh maîtresseé"
I cannot believe how terribly nervous I was. You see, I was meeting with the Mistress of Novices, Sister Gina Tonic, the Sparkling. She would be my first real point of contact with the Sisters and would be the nun in charge of my progression through the order. Despite several reassurances, I was still nervous. What if I said the wrong thing? What if I spilled my drink on her? read further …

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06 November 2001
"Whenever two or more gather…"
My first general meeting. I wanted to be punctual, of course. The meeting started at 6:30 and I left the house at around 5:30, giving myself plenty of time to get there. Or so I thought. It ended up taking me nearly two hours, two buses and a cab to get there. I got lost and spent nearly an hour wandering around Upper Market. In the end, I wandered in a complete circle and finally ended up calling a cab. The cab driver got lost twice himself. But I made it and just in time for the meeting itself. And I got a great workout in the process. read further …

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