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17 April 2002
On The Importance of Spiritual Tradition
A little hazelnut of wisdom taken from those wacky Reformed Druids:

There was a master in a monastery that had about thirty disciples. They used to conduct meditation, prayer, and other spiritual exercises. The master loved cats, and therefore had a cat in his monastery. During meditation, the cat would run around disturbing the meditation. The disciples complained to the master, so the master tied the cat in the corner of the meditation hall during meditation time, in order that it would not cause a disturbance. read further …

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28 March 2002
Filling Easter eggs with joy and light
A very wise and prescient nun once pulled me aside and told me to always remember that the things that made me a nun were inside of myself. All of the make-up and jewelry and frocks were merely window dressing, props that help to facilitate the transformation from man to nun. However, even without all of that stuff, I would still be a nun. My involvement with the Order continues to prove this very point to me. read further …

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11 December 2001
Happy Chanukah
What a lucky boy I am. For Chanukah, my good friend Ms R bought me "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and Kevyn (with a 'Y') Aucoin's "Making Faces" and "Face Forward". She also gave me a bunch of nail polish that she didn't want any more and we had a little impromptu make up lesson. She's been my cosmetics guardian angel in all of this, providing excellent advice and support.

When I got home from her place last night, I painted my nails silver and fell asleep reading about eye shadow.
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30 November 2001
"Maybe he went to buy some leather pants."
Despite the fact that it takes place on my front porch, I usually don't bother with the Folsom Street Fair. I'm not really that into leather or any of the various fetishes that the fair celebrates. However, I think it's a great fair and this year, I was volunteering for the Sisters. As a gate monitor, I would be working with another person, collecting donations and handing out stickers. Any one with a sticker would get $1 off drinks, all day.

The Sisters have been playing door diva for the Folsom Street Fair since 1992. Donating their time and efforts, the Sisters help SMMILE raise money for various local charities.

Lucky me, I got to work the less popular afternoon shift. Of course, I did say that I'd be willing to work whatever they needed me for. Checking in, I was assigned to work the gate at 8th and Mission, working under Sister Gina, whom I was to report to. As I was early, I hung out for a while in the shade until Sister Gina came up, sporting a lovely pink parasol. read further …

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28 October 2001
An Audience of One Million People
The morning after Pink Saturday was the Pride Parade. For this event, I had sent an email to Sister Lolita Me Not Into Temptation, asking to volunteer. She had responded, informing me that they needed wheel monitors and had I been trained for that? I responded that I had not, but was still willing to help. Not surprisingly, I didn't hear back from Sister Lola.

So, I went to the Pride Parade site and found out what this training involved. It turned out that there was a training session the next night. I took my eager to help out self down to the training session and got myself trained to be a wheel monitor and a safety monitor, just in case.

As you can imagine, Sister Lola was a lot more eager to chat with me after I informed her of this. Before I started working on all of these volunteer projects, I suffered under this misconception that to volunteer, all you had to do was turn up. While that is partly true, it also helps a lot if you actually have something to offer when you do volunteer.
read further …

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20 October 2001
In the Beginning…
While I was still employed, one of the projects that I worked on was our company charity committee. I was co-chair of our west coast committee and we were responsible for planning events and raising money in the name of the Company. Our guidelines in this were that it had to be a local organisation and it had to be relatively conservative to match the conservative views of the Company. Of course, this ruled out nearly all of the groups that I really wanted to help. So, I decided that I would also dedicate some of my time to helping the charities that I wanted to work with.

I had lived in the city for quite a while by this point and was certainly familiar with the Sisters and their works. And, as a lot of the charities that they raised money for intersected with my own personal interests, I decided that they would be the best group to volunteer for. I think at some point during this time I had this outrageous thought that I would be a Sister myself. But, at the time, it was just a wild idea.

After exploring the Sisters' site, I got myself on their calendar mailing list and started volunteering for events when they asked. And boy did I choose an amazing first event to get involved with them.
read further …

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