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04 December 2003
That's Not A Rash, It's Ink
December's bingo was "Porn Star Bingo": we brought in a bevy of hunky porn stars from Raging Stallion and Hot House to help us play bingo. Hot studs like Michael Brandon and Dick Wolf volunteered to wear shirts with bingo patterns printed on them. We then chose someone from the audience at random who got to play that round of bingo on the porn star. Whether they won the round or not, they got to keep the t-shirt. For the final round, Michael Brandon, Steven Richards and a lucky volunteer from the audience all wore boxer shorts with the bingo pattern printed on them. Once again, the lucky players got to keep the shorts as souvenirs of the evening's indulgence.

All of the porn stars were great sports, showing lots of flesh and playing along with the audience. I ended up escorting Michael Brandon to the bathroom, using my veil to cover his naughty bits. Sadly, the ink from the dauber went right through the boxer shorts and he ended up covered in green ink. Fortunately, the ink washes off fairly easily.

We were also joined by special guest MC Rentecca. Sadly, I had never seen her perform before. She was an excellent MC, pulling balls with aplomb and entertaining our unruly bingo audience like a pro. And, because it was December, the always-lovely Sister Grinchetta of our North Pole Order made a special appearance.

As it was Porn Star Bingo, NakedSword turned up to film the show for their Weekly Report. Our darling Sister Roma! was running a tad bit late, so yours truly filled in for her on some of the interviews. You can check out all of the porn-tastic bingo excitement here.

After bingo, a number of us adjorned to the Edge for the final basket contest of 2003. Sisters Chastity, Dana, and Grinchetta were on the panel of judges. With four hunky choices, it was a hard decision for the judges, but I am certain that their choice measured up. For some strange reason, this was also the first basket contest that I really had fun at...
recorded in the Book of Bingo :: testify, Sister!
31 July 2002
Tomorrow night is the next installment of the Sisters' monthly game of bingo. I am especially looking forward to it because Sister Betty will be in Seattle and I will be the Nun In Charge. I'm also excited because twenty-one Nuns have signed up to attend! In the year and a half that I've been doing bingo, I've never seen that many there at once. In fact, I've rarely seen that many Nuns at our general meetings. I cannot begin to explain how happy and honoured I am to have so many of my Sisters there. Part of the reason there will be so many Nuns present is that we will be doing "Mother and Daughter" bingo. read further …

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15 February 2002
Don't touch my dauber
There's a bill before the California Legislature that could prove to be troublesome for the Order. A "bingo reform bill" promises to place gambling under the auspices of the state's Gambling Control Commission in an effort to curb abuses that are supposedly occurring. All I know is that the laws governing bingo are already rather strict and, while curbing abuse is one thing, adding yet another layer of bureaucracy — and potential corruption — can't be good.

With all of the hoops that Sister Betty had to jump through and everything we do to make sure we keep our bingo license, I'd hate to see more obstacles placed in our way.
recorded in the Book of Bingo :: testify, Sister!
05 February 2002
Hi Mom!
This month's bingo looks like it's going to be one of our best yet. In addition to live music by an amazing Jazz combo, the Lush Life Players, we're also going to be having some really cool antics and Bay Area Backroads is going to be filming us. I'll refrain from making any sort of joke about "back roads."

Our opening event was originally my idea; Sister Betty, Sister Constance and I then developed into the final form that we will be doing at bingo. It's one of those things that could be really good or really bad, depending. Obviously, I'm hoping for the best. This is also going to be my first bingo as the official Ba Da Bingo Volunteer Coordinator. Having volunteered for bingo many, many times now, I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides, I'll have my clipboard and check list; what could go wrong? Famous last words…
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03 January 2002
One hundred bucks to paddle Sister Betty
Traditionally, the Sisters haven't done bingo in January. Because it is so close to the New Year, a lot of people are still on vacation, are all spent out from Christmas or are all partied out from New Year's Eve. But we decided to do it this year. read further …

recorded in the Book of Bingo :: testify, Sister!
06 December 2001
Sound check
Taking Sister Constance's advice, I decided to make a first, faltering step into the wide world of cosmetics for bingo. Of course, the only make up we had in the house was a couple of lipsticks, some blush and an eyeliner pencil, all leftovers from either Halloween or from way back in the day when my roommate did drag.

Having used it before, the eyeliner was easy enough. The lipstick, however, was old and it wasn't the best quality to start with. I applied a base layer of black and then ran some dark red over the top of that, blending the oily goop with my finger. Not perfect, but it would have to do. I then used some blush as an accent, hitting my cheek bones and temples. read further …

recorded in the Book of Bingo :: testify, Sister!
28 November 2001
DJ Davey B
Now that I am working on becoming a nun, I can't play bingo anymore. Despite the fact that we know that nothing underhanded was going on, the Sisters cannot afford even the slightest hint of tomfoolery. Of course, the trade off is that Sister Betty is going to teach me how to use the sound room and I will be helping to plan and run the audio portion of bingo.

I used to dj at my college radio station, so I actually have experience in both running the board and planning music. And I'm really excited to have a more active role in the production of bingo. I've already started pondering some potential playlists. And I've got a couple of ideas for possible bingo events as well. I'm really hoping that we will be able to ride on the momentum that Sister Betty has built up and make next year the best year of bingo ever.
recorded in the Book of Bingo :: testify, Sister!
28 October 2001
Bingo! Ooops, Not Really
The next event that I got involved in was Resurrection Bingo. My first night of bingo, also happened to be the first night of the new season. Oh my god, it was wonderful. I had so much fun. There were times when I could barely mark off the numbers because I was laughing so hard. There were several special guests, including four guys from various years of the SOMA Bare Chest Calendar, Donna Sachet and Gary Virgina.

I had no idea bingo was as popular as it was. I'd say there were easily 150 or so people, packing the church from end to end. I got there early to help set up and was saving about half a dozen seats for friends: I almost had to beat people off with chairs. In addition to schlepping and setting up tables and toting soda, I also got to "dance" in the opening number. You see, Sister Betty planned this little dance number as a way of introducing the new season and the new name. read further …

recorded in the Book of Bingo :: testify, Sister!
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