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26 June 2005
In The Pink...
Last night was the Sisters' annual street party, Pink Saturday. This was my fourth time at this event and my third as a Sister and I'm pretty sure it was the best one yet. Although the weather was cold and wet all night, the crowd was larger than it's ever been and the energy at the event was festive and joyous. Our stellar DJs did a great job of keeping everyone entertained, the SFPD did a great job ensuring everyone was safe and the Order and our volunteers did a great job at the gates. Not only did we throw a fabulous party, but we brought in a lot of money that will go out to the community in July.

This year was a first for me. In previous years, I've spent the night out and about wandering though the crowd and experiencing things first hand. This year I was hidden away at our "undisclosed location" sorting and facing the money from the gates. It was very different but still very rewarding as I got to see the immediate fiscal results of all of our hard work. I always try to remember that if it were not for the support of the community, the Sisters would not be able to do the work that we do. And the community definitely provided some awe inspiring support last night.

Of course, now that Pink Saturday and Pride are over with, I get to start making plans for the Sisters' involvement with both Dore and Folsom. There is truly no rest for the wicked.
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22 June 2005
Sachet With The Sisters
Sachet With The SistersAs a Sister, I occasionally find that there are events that I attend "just because." Generally, it's because I feel some obligation as the Order's President to be there. I always try to have a positive attitude about every event I attend, but sometimes that's a challenge due to my low expectations. And sometimes, I'm delightfully surprised when what I thought was going to be a ho-hum event turns out to be a lot of fun. Such was the case with the Sachet With The Sisters event held at the San Francisco LGBT Center on the 18th.

Part of what made the event was the awesome Sister turn out; I counted about 15 Postulants, Novices and Fully Professed Sisters. We were also joined by Sister Gabriela Perpetua Promisca who is visiting from Berlin. More Sisters means more fun, of course. The cool grooves by DJ PussPuss also helped, as did the open bar and cute little hors d'oeuvres. And Donna Sachet, as always, did a great job of making what could have been a boring awards presentation into a fun party.

It was also really inspiring for the Order to receive so much praise at once. We were honoured with the Charles M. Holmes Award for 25 years of community service. How appropriate that the Sisters be given an award named after an infamous gay porn director. We also received certificates of recognition from California Assemblyman Mark Leno, California State Senator Carole Migden and Acting Member of the California State Board of Equalization Betty Yee.

All in all it was a fun event and a great start to the Pride festivities.
recorded in the Book of Events :: testify, Sister!
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