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22 February 2002
Last night, Sister Kitty, Postulant Bella and I spent some time in the Sisters' Archives. I had heard of the Archives, but it is truly something that must be seen. Nearly 25 years worth of collected Sister ephemera: pictures of nuns, nun clothing, posters, statues, small memorial shrines to Nuns of the Above. It was an amazing experience being in there. More of an experience than I can capture here in words.

In the course of photocopying a book for the archives, I discovered that our Sisters in the UK use polari in their ceremonies. For those of you who don't know, polari is a slang dialect that was adopted by the UK gay community a century or so ago. Upon discovering this, I thought of the gorgeous and brilliant Paul Baker, who has a PhD in the stuff.

Here is a collection of polari links from his site:
    "Mind your language"
    "Bona Contention"
    "Researching Polari"

I think my favourite polari word is "naff": Not Appropriate for Fucking.
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16 February 2002
curtain call
Tonight's the night. I will be attending the first event that I have had a major hand in organising and helping to pull together. And, for the first time, I will be doing bingo as a member of the Order and I won't be in the sound booth all night.

Sister Betty has threatened to give me a mic, so I will not only have to be pretty, but I will also have to be witty as well. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous. I just need to relax, ground and centre and let it happen. Confidence is the skill of being relaxed in the immediate present… [being] attentive to the immediate present, without rigidly patterning that present as it unfolds.

Oh, and did I mention that I'll be wearing the new black chasuble with my new black opera-length gloves?
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15 February 2002
Don't touch my dauber
There's a bill before the California Legislature that could prove to be troublesome for the Order. A "bingo reform bill" promises to place gambling under the auspices of the state's Gambling Control Commission in an effort to curb abuses that are supposedly occurring. All I know is that the laws governing bingo are already rather strict and, while curbing abuse is one thing, adding yet another layer of bureaucracy — and potential corruption — can't be good.

With all of the hoops that Sister Betty had to jump through and everything we do to make sure we keep our bingo license, I'd hate to see more obstacles placed in our way.
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14 February 2002
Shepherding the Youth / Opening the Convent
Gee, surprise: our kids have picked up some bad habits from their elders.

I'm a big believer in making sure that we, as a community, are taking care of our kids. Back in the day, it was every adult's job to take care of the youth, whether they were your kid or not. I think these are the "family values" that we should be getting back to. Am I my brother's keeper? I don't know about keeper, but I do think we need to be looking out for each other.

In an effort to increase their number and inform the general public, Catholic nuns in San Francisco have started hosting tea in their convents. Who knows? Maybe they'll start doing bar ministry next...
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Snatched for the Gods

Postulant: a person admitted to a religious order as a probationary candidate for membership; from Latin postulare: "to claim, demand, request"

During last night's General Meeting, I was voted in as Postulant to the Order. Although my Big Sisters were not there in person, I certainly felt them in spirit. Not only am I joining a wonderful Order of fabulous nuns, but I am also really fortunate that I have a great "class" of Postulants that will be coming up with me.

I am looking forward to my next four months with the Sisters. And I am especially looking forward to becoming Novice in June, knock on wood.
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06 February 2002
"Ladies of Pleasure"
Not surpisingly, Edith's all time favourite pasta sauce is puttanesca.

There are a number of stories that explain how this luscious sauce got its name. Our favourite is that this was the sauce that was made for the working girls after they were done for the morning. Consequently, puttanseca is dead simple to throw together and tastes amazing after you've been out for the evening.
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In our own way and time
Some months ago, I made the ignorant statement that the Sisters were more nun than actual nuns. Since then, I have learned better. There are a lot of nuns who do a lot of amazing work. One of those has died.

Sister Sarah Clarke, the prominent campaigner for the rights of Irish prisoners in Britain, has died. She was 82. The Galway-born nun came to prominence during the campaigns for the release of the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four. She was a daily presence in court during the appeals against conviction which eventually led to their release. However, her support for such causes began in the 1970s, and she was also involved in the campaign in support of the H-Block hunger-strikers.

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05 February 2002
Little black dress… sort of
Inspired by Sister Betty, I went and bought an antique black chasuble from eBay. If you are looking for reduced-cost religious gear, eBay is the place to start, darlings. I've been pricing new chasubles and the cheap ones start around $150. I got this one for much less than that.

I'm a wee bit scared: I'm starting to develop a fetish for all of this religious wear. I suppose that's a good thing, given that I'm planning on being a nun and all. Besides, doesn't this set just scream Sisters of Perptual Indulgence?
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Hi Mom!
This month's bingo looks like it's going to be one of our best yet. In addition to live music by an amazing Jazz combo, the Lush Life Players, we're also going to be having some really cool antics and Bay Area Backroads is going to be filming us. I'll refrain from making any sort of joke about "back roads."

Our opening event was originally my idea; Sister Betty, Sister Constance and I then developed into the final form that we will be doing at bingo. It's one of those things that could be really good or really bad, depending. Obviously, I'm hoping for the best. This is also going to be my first bingo as the official Ba Da Bingo Volunteer Coordinator. Having volunteered for bingo many, many times now, I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides, I'll have my clipboard and check list; what could go wrong? Famous last words…
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"Whosoever eateth of my flesh..."
"Temples and initiation mysteries often use a sacrament, something to consume or a ritual to conduct, to change you through the worship process. We have carried this tradition over from pagan sacraments to the Holy Communion of the Catholic Church. We have even created new sacraments in our new temples, imbibing substances from the psychotropic to the mundane to imbue us with ritualistic power when descending to the underworld. Sacraments mark a start to a special time, a special place for ritual.

… Be careful in choosing which sacrament you wish to take. You can choose a specific drink, alcoholic or not, that you reserve for shamanic ritual when entering a nightclub. If you are only relaxing, and do not seek to open up the senses, then do not order that drink. The sacrament becomes a physical symbol to your body and spirit that there is magick to be done." — "City Magick", Christopher Penczak
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