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16 December 2001
For $20, we do any measurement you'd like.
I met Sister Constance in front of Welcome Home for a quick brunch before we started getting ready. I was going to be good and only get a bowl of grits and toast, but when I saw the biscuits and gravy, I couldn't say no. And, by the end of the day, I was glad that I had carbed up.

As we tucked into our food, Sister Constance and I chatted about Big Sisters. At the Saturnalia, I had asked Constance to be my Big Sister. Although she felt honoured and wasn't going to tell me no, she felt that I would be better served by picking a Sister who hadn't just gotten her Black Veil the month before I was raised to Postulant. We also talked about the mentoring role of the Big Sister and how a Big Sister guides her little Sister and helps her to grow and vice versa. read further…

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15 December 2001
Individual Responsibility
Here are two tidbits that I found especially interesting, given my recent involvements. The first is a piece in the Village Voice talking about the resurgence of male-oriented groups (the army, firefighters, &tc.) and how our country's reaction to September 11 has resulted in a more vigorous drive to homogenise our society.

Satmars are a faith community; Santería is a cult. Men in uniform are heroes; dykes who dress alike are guilty of groupthink. Angry white males are a voting bloc; blacks who call themselves "race men" are a separatist cadre. The critique of identity politics applies only to groups that represent a threat to the order.

The second was this entry from Wil Wheaton. Wil brings up personal responsibility and our individual roles in society. And this, in turn, is very much what my involvement with the Sisters is about. If we, as individuals, approach each other with love and peace instead of anger and fear, imagine what a better world we might live in. If I'm at an event or out doing bar ministry and I can put a smile on one person's face, then I've fulfilled my calling.

I certainly don't want to suggest that we should ignore or repress anger or fear or any of the other negative emotions. Conflict is as human as sex and death. It is, however, how we choose to deal with conflict that makes us human. If, instead of reacting to a situation, we take the time to consider and respond to a situation, the chances are better that we will be coming from a much better place.

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.” — Woodrow Wilson

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13 December 2001
"The higher the hair…"
I met Sister Lola at four o'clock in the Castro. Because I was ravenous and she was feeling a bit peckish, we went to Harvest Market where we got salads and some surprisingly good veggie sushi. Our hungers sated, we retired to her place to begin the transformation. read further…

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Ten minute curtain call
Tonight's the Saturnalia and the first night that I will be going out in public in full drag for the Sisters. I am incredibly nervous, even though I'm sure things will be fine. I will have Sister Lola's guidance and the valuable advice from Ms R and my roommate's mother. I will be flawless.

Also, after talking it over with Sister Lola, I — or rather we — will be making our debut as Sister Katie Klysm, the Immaculate Accident, Daughter of the Deluge Here's hoping that we make a splash!
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11 December 2001
Happy Chanukah
What a lucky boy I am. For Chanukah, my good friend Ms R bought me "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and Kevyn (with a 'Y') Aucoin's "Making Faces" and "Face Forward". She also gave me a bunch of nail polish that she didn't want any more and we had a little impromptu make up lesson. She's been my cosmetics guardian angel in all of this, providing excellent advice and support.

When I got home from her place last night, I painted my nails silver and fell asleep reading about eye shadow.
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09 December 2001
Doing our part for the economy
We went out shopping this afternoon, ostensibly looking for boots for Thursday's event. We were looking or knee high black or red boots, preferably with cha cha heels. Of course, we were not surprised that when we didn't find anything we wanted in an eleven and a half.

We had also been warned that our calves were way too thick for most women's knee-high boots. This proved to be the case with a nice pair of black boots that had a chunky heel and zipper. The zipper only went up about three quarters of the way before it refused to go up any higher.

Eventually, we found a nice, low cut pair of sensible shoes with a blocky three inch stacked heel and square toes. We also found a cute black scarf with silvery white snowflakes on it. It'll be perfect for Thursday. In the meantime, the quest for cha cha continues.

Pssst… he didn't tell you about the Todd Oldham jeans that he was talked into buying, did he?
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Oooh, shiny things!
I'm sure it's genetic. My grandmother had a preference for shiny, sparkily things. I seem to have inherited it. Out of all of my recent cosmetics purchases, my favourite is the combination of my Wet 'n' Wild silver sparkily lip gloss and L'Oreal loose shimmering powder in either blue or red. The result is glittery lips with an outrageous splash of either red or blue.
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08 December 2001
A couple things from the cosmetics counter
We have a huge event on Thursday, the Saturnalia. Sister Lola asked me to come over to her place before hand so we could get made up. And I do mean, made up: make up, wig, dress. The whole nine yards. Although she said that she has everything I'll need there, I felt bad going over there empty-handed.

So I popped over to Rite Aid this afternoon and picked up some cosmetics. In true David style, I think I went a bit overboard and probably bought way more than I'll need. Especially since I'm not sure how useful some of this stuff will be when I start with the white face in six months or so (knock on wood).

I also want to pick up a new pair of boots. But we'll have to see if I can find anything in my price range tomorrow. I really need to get a job to pay for some of this stuff.
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06 December 2001
Sound check
Taking Sister Constance's advice, I decided to make a first, faltering step into the wide world of cosmetics for bingo. Of course, the only make up we had in the house was a couple of lipsticks, some blush and an eyeliner pencil, all leftovers from either Halloween or from way back in the day when my roommate did drag.

Having used it before, the eyeliner was easy enough. The lipstick, however, was old and it wasn't the best quality to start with. I applied a base layer of black and then ran some dark red over the top of that, blending the oily goop with my finger. Not perfect, but it would have to do. I then used some blush as an accent, hitting my cheek bones and temples. read further…

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Singing in the rain
My second Sisters' General Meeting was last night. It was much longer than the last one, although they say this was exceptional and that the meetings usual won't run as long. Part of the reason for the meeting running so long was Sister Dionna Cross getting her black veil. She was voted in as a Fully Professed Member and will publicly receive her veil on Thursday at the Saturnalia. The Veiling Ceremony is such an amazing thing to watch; yet another reason to look forward to Thursday. read further…

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Give Me Cha Cha Heels
I just realised that this year is going to be the easiest Xmas shopping year ever for all of my friends and relatives. As a Sister, I have absolutely nothing when it comes to "vestments" and accessories. I am going to need it all; make up, wigs, frocks and heels. I especially want a nice pair of chunky-heeled, knee high boots. In black, natch.

I'm sure a corset wouldn't hurt either.

And you can't even imagine how odd it is for me to be saying this at all. I am the boy who swore he would never, ever do drag again. Never say never, I guess.
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02 December 2001
Peace, Love & Gold Glitter
Last night at around seven, I walked into my roommate's room and announced that if I were a Novice, I would be getting into the shower now to start getting ready for my 9:30 event. He suggested that I start getting ready a lot earlier than that. Given my extensive inexperience with makeup, and the amount of work that whiteface is going to take, he's probably right.

Fortunately for me, Novice is about six months away and I actually didn't start getting ready until about 8:30. I threw on my "Sisters mix" and jumped into the shower. The rain that had been pounding my city all day had tapered off to a light mist, but I brought my heavy Kenneth Cole raincoat anyway; San Francisco's weather is unpredictable and it can turn on you in an instant.

Arriving at our meeting place, the Twin Peaks (a.k.a. the Glass Coffin), I found Sister Hellen Wheels and Guard Woody Blowhard already there. Sister Hellen commented on my punctuality, wryly noting that it would probably be a while before the others arrived. I ordered a vodka gimlet and we talked about the economy, weekends in Paris and how the community's view of AIDS has shifted since the 80s. Sister Hellen is one of the older Sisters and I found it interesting and valuable comparing her views with mine. read further…

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