Sister Edith Myflesh
30 May 2005
The Story So Far...
2005 is almost half gone and what an interesting year it has been so far. In December I was elected as President of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. Fortunately for me, I had already served about five months as President; I was elected in June of last year when Sister Gina resigned. That little trial run helped me to get used to the position and gave me a good background for this year. Of course, like most anything, I'm constantly learning from and being challenged by my role as a leader in the Order.

In January I turned over the Board Chair position to the capable and skilled Sister Rox!. Having served as Board Chair for two years, I felt a little protective of the position. However, I couldn't have hand-picked a better person. Sister Rox! brings so many great things to the position and has taken things to a new level. After having spent the last several months trying to be both the Board Chair and the President, I was relieved to give up the one so that I could focus on the other. As President I am still a Board Member so I get to be involved in a part of the Order I enjoy, I just have less responsibility, which is a Very Good Thing.

Sister Edith and Nv Sr VivaThe month of February saw the return of bingo, now called REVIVAL Bingo, natch. When Sister Betty moved to Maine, we put bingo on hiatus so that we could give some thought to what we wanted to do with it. After many months, Sister Tilly took on the role of Bingo Chair and has done an amazing job of recreating and expanding on a fun and successful event. Instead of the Scholarship Fund, Bingo is now working with various community organisations to help them raise money. So far we've worked with the AIDS Emergency Fund, Magnet and Stop AIDS, with more planned. Although I've been giving advice and suggestions, it's been nice to be able to step back from this project. And I was really happy to discover that I was excited about the return of bingo; after almost three years of continuous involvement, I was afraid that I would be burnt out.

Sisters Edith and Dana and Donna SachetIn February, the Sisters joined the queer community in supporting the tsunami-ravaged countries by participating in "Turning The Tide", a benefit for the Rainbow World Fund. It was a stellar event that raised a lot of much-needed funds. And it was amazing seeing so many people come together. So much of our work is focused here in the Bay Area, which certainly isn't a bad thing, but it was good to remember that we all share this little planet.

Sisters Gina and EdithThe Sisters attended the San Francisco Imperial Court's Coronation again this year. Last year we attended largely because it was our 25th Anniversary. Amazingly, we had a major presence and nearly all of us showed up in time to walk as a group. This year we attended to show support for one of our own. The new Emperor of San Francisco, Emperor John Richard, is also known as Sister Penny Lane. As far as I know, this is the first time a Sister has ever been elected as Emperor. I'm sure that he will bring the same devotion and drive to his role as Emperor that he brings to his role as a Sister.

Brad Benton and Sister EdithIn March I attended the GayVN Awards at Rage in West Hollywood. That was definitely an interesting event and not just because it was full of porn stars and industry people. While getting ready for the event, I started to wonder why a Sister would be attending. Naturally, porn and the Sisters go together very well. But aside from the occasional on-camera work for the Tim and Roma Show, I couldn't see much reason for me to be there. As it turned out, I ended up doing some bar ministry in addition to the socialising and playing. Porn stars are people too; a lot of them are very real, down-to-earth people with the same concerns and issues that everyone has.

It was also really cool to be able to manifest outside of San Francisco and not get the usual "what are you supposed to be?" Our L.A. Sisters have very obviously done a lot of work in L.A. and the Sisters are a very well-known presence in Los Angeles. I did have to explain that I was not from L.A. and that there were Orders of Sisters all over the world and not just in L.A., but that's understandable.

In March I also became the Big Sister to one of our new Postulants, Pink Joy Radiant Bliss. She's definitely what we call a "natural" and it was very easy for me to agree to be one of her sponsors. My last Little Sister grew up to be our brand new Novice Mistress and I'm expecting equally great things from this one.

Sister Rox! and I also met with the president of Folsom Street Events to discuss the Sisters' involvement in both Dore Alley and the Folsom Street Fair this year. It was a really good meeting and we're looking forward to a very successful and close relationship this year.

Sister Edith, Liz and JenAt the end of April, Sisters Rox!, Flora and I took a little trip to visit our lovely Sister Reyna in New Orleans. This was my third trip Sisters Rox!'s second and Sister Flora's first. Although we didn't have any "official" Sisterly duties, Flora and I did manifest and went out in search of adventure in the French Quarter. We met some really cool people, did quite a bit of bar ministry and I got to hang out with a friend of mine who used to live here and moved there. We even got conscripted into doing some condom outreach at one of the larger gay bars. "This is what you do, isn't it?" one of the people asked us. I tried to inform him that condom outreach is really only a small part of our work. I was just happy that we weren't asked to mc an event or sell raffle tickets; we were on vacation after all.

Sister Reyna recently wrote to let me know that there are three people who seem to be very interested in starting an Order in New Orleans. I guess our repeated visits helped fertilise something down there! If they are successful in forming a Mission, they would be the sixth to pop up in the past year or so. So far we've had Missions develop in Florida and Oklahoma and three more are coming along in Oregon, San Diego and Palm Springs. It's always really encouraging to see new groups of people taking on the mission of the Sisters.

On my return from New Orleans, I attended an ISCOTT hearing to get our street closure permit for Pink Saturday. Although I've taken a step back from Pink Saturday and its planning, I was the only Sister of "authority" who was in town. Despite the fact that the meeting was at the unfashionable hour of nine a.m., it was fairly productive and I was able to get some good advice in addition to our permit. The SFPD has been gradually dictating more and more of how the event is run and planned; it will be interesting to see how this year's Pink Saturday turns out.

The month of May has been mostly light for me, which is good because we're fast approaching the Queer High Holy Days and I'm anticipating being much busier from June until about September. The highlight of May was my agreeing to be Novice Sister Anni Coque l'Doo's Mother.

When I first got my Black Veil, I swore that I would never sponsor a Member in that role. It's a large responsibility, at least it should be, and I didn't really feel up to it. Now that it's almost three years later, I think I've got enough experience under my wimple to take this on. Besides, she's another natural and I'm expecting that the birth will be very easy and painless. She also very much fits into my lineage; we can't decide if she's more like me or her Grandmother, Sister Lily White. Just as long as she doesn't turn out like her Great-Grandmother, it will be fine.

As often happens, I've discovered that I'm far too busy being a Sister to write about it but I am going to try to be much more diligent about keeping this current. Especially now that I've gone to all the trouble to give it a facelift. No promises, though...
recorded in the Book of Nunnery :: testify, Sister!

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