Sister Edith Myflesh
15 September 2003
A Bevy of Blessings
While Sister Betty and Sister Dana were jaunting up to the River to join our Russian River Sisters for an afternoon of fun in the sun and bingo, I was at home struggling with my whiteface in San Francisco's heat. I had planned on going up to the River with them, but I had made a previous commitment to be at a benefit and, still not having mastered the art of bilocation, chose to honour my earlier commitment.

Despite the short notice, I was able to convince my darling Sisters Gina and MaryMae to join me at El Rio for "Juicy Sexy Cool", a cabaret benefit for the Jon Sims Center. Fortunately, the day had cooled off somewhat by the time we got to the Mission.

The cabaret featured a number of interesting acts, including amazing spoken word by Daphne Gottlieb, who happened to be performing as we arrived. Having heard a lot about her, it was nice to be able to hear her in person.

We took the stage shortly thereafter, performing a blessing on the audience and the Center and the benefit. I made sure to mention how important it is that we continue to fund queer arts that push the envelope and challenge the existing structure of things. I also found it interesting that they chose to call the event a "cabaret": those of you who have seen the movie may recall that those cabarets were taking place during an increasingly oppressive and militaristic time in our history. Not unlike the world we're living in now.

After our blessing, we helped to sell a few raffle tickets and hung out with the crowd for a bit before hopping into a cab and heading back to the Castro. After a quick drink and a little nosh, Sister MaryMae and I bid a fond au revoir to Sister Gina and hoped into yet another cab, this time popping over to Geno and Devin's for their housewarming.

Not surprisingly, the event was trés gay and a lot of fun. Jeff got to meet me in nun drag (having met me out of Habit the night before), I had a lovely chat with the always amazing MJ, said a quick hello to Philo and spent a good amount of time explaining the ins and outs of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Todd took some photos of the soiree, although this one is the prettiest.

After a fair amount of people showed up, I had Geno gather them all in his fashionably appointed parlour and performed an impromptu blessing of the space and its new occupants. With all of the love and joy present in that room, I'm sure that the happy couple will be joyous and indulgent for some time.

We were whisked away from the party in yet another cab. I bid good night to Sister MaryMae and headed over to the Edge to meet with my Mother and Sister Selma, both of whom were out of Habit. I happened to run into Armistead Maupin again. He had been there the night before when I was out of Habit and I jokingly took him to task for putting Sisters in rollerskates. "Do you know how many people ask me why I'm not wearing skates?" I asked. Of course, I think I've had one person mention it to me, but that wasn't nearly as funny.

From the Edge, we wandered down to Daddy's where we ran into Sister Dana and a whole mess of returning bingo folks. Of course I was terribly jealous when heard of their adventures, although I definitely did not miss the heat. Daddy's eventually closed and the asked us all quite nicely to get the hell out. I soon found myself in my last cab of the evening, headed for home.

It was a very wonderful day filled with many blessings and beautiful people. It definitely made me aware of how our actions in life can affect other people. And how we should be mindful of how we're affecting them.
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