Sister Edith Myflesh
31 August 2003
"Why Not?" Indeed
This afternoon at around three, Sister Gina rang me up and said, "Sister, I'm thinking about going out into the Castro this fine evening. Would you care to join me?" I thought about it briefly, then decided "why the hell not!" I got into Habit and took a cab over to Sister Gina's. From there, we headed off into the Castro

Our first impression was pretty discouraging. The streets were eerily quiet; it was a Sunday, but it was Labor Day weekend for Buddha's sake! When we passed by the Metro and saw that it was closed, we started to think that the evening would be a total waste of a Face. However, in true Sister fashion, we pressed on.

Our first stop was Twin Peaks. The bar is never what you would call "hopping," even on Friday and Saturday nights. Although it was typically subdued when we got there, it was nearly full. Sister Gina and I made small talk with some of the patrons as we waited for the bartender to serve us. After what felt like an eternity, we finally got our drinks. Sister Gina was convinced that the goddess was trying to tell us something. "Yes, she is," I said. "She's telling us that we'll have to make our own fun tonight."

We finished our drinks and dashed across the street to Daddy's. The crowd was a bit more receptive and the energy was much more upbeat. One of the nice things about just going out (as opposed to going out for an event) is that you're free to just focus on the ministry and interacting with people. Sister Gina and I were carrying little shopping bags of condoms. The Tiffany one held the lube, the Nordstrom bag had the condoms and the Arden one contained the female condoms. All night long, the men kept saying, "Oh Sisters, I see you've been shopping!" To which we replied, "Yes, darling. Would you like to help yourself?"

a flaming Sister EdithFrom Daddy's, we made a quick run through of the Bar on Castro and then went up the street. At the Edge, we ran into Sisters Bella, Chastity and Lily, all out of Face. I was ordering my cocktail — Stoli martini, up with a twist — when the gentlemen next to me said, "I've got that." I discovered afterwards that he was the owner of the bar. How sweet of him.

We mingled about with the patrons and chatted with our Sisters for a while. At one point in the evening, one of the local drag queens popped in. She saw the group of us standing there and exclaimed, "there are too many nuns in here tonight!" Around midnight, it was time to go. South of Market, that is. Sister Gina hailed a cab, I grabbed our bags and we were off.

Our first stop in SOMA was the Eagle, of course. The bar was quite empty, both inside and out. The bartender, however, more than made up for the lack of patrons by pouring Sister Gina and myself two of the largest cocktails I've ever seen. Not surprisingly, Phatima wandered into the bar about half-way through our cocktails and the bartender decided it was time for shots! He attempted something called "dial-a-shot": basically, you ring up some friend of yours and have them take a shot at the same time you're doing yours. Sadly, the person he tried to get a hold of didn't answer.

Having had enough Eagle excitement for one night, Sister Gina and I wandered down to the Lonestar for a night cap. Sadly, the Lonestar was just as empty as the Eagle — I think I saw a tumbleweed or two go by — and we didn't stay long. I had a brief conversation with one of the patrons about new ways of trying to encourage people to have healthier sex, and then we were off.

Given the start we got off to, I'd say we did a pretty good job of having a good time. Of course, it's all about how you approach things: convince yourself that you're going to have a good time, and even an insurance seminar can be fun.

photo credits: 1: © 2003, Ted; 2: © 2003, Dial-A-Shot.

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