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06 September 2003
She's Back...
After a rather extended vacation, the Sister journal is back online. In honour of my elevation to Fully Professed Sister, I decided that a bit of a redesign was in order; I've replaced the old grey and white colour scheme with a nice dark red and white and made some changes to the images at the top and bottom. You'll also notice that the journal is a bit wider now. I've also updated the photo album and added my Sister bio to the site.

Of course, the redesign isn't the only thing that's happened since the journal went offline.

So many things have happened. Here's a brief rundown of what Sister Edith has been up to for the last several months.
December 2002
At our December GM, I was voted to Fully Professed or Black Veil status. This is, of course, the final official step in becoming a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. It was a very lovely ceremony that I was thrilled and honoured to share with four of my Sisters, Sisters Bella, Selma and Sindy and Novice Sister Bearlesque. Taking my vows as a Fully Professed Sister almost made me cry tears of joy.

The December GM is also when we elect our new officers, mistresses and board members. I was unanimously elected as Mistress of the Web, which means that I am in charge of the Sisters' official website. I have plans for a redesign of the site and there are a number of additions and improvements that I'd like to make. I was also elected as an at-large member of the Sisters' Board, something I had been looking forward to for some time.

Later that month, I got to take part in the AIDS Emergency Fund's annual Christmas Dinner. Every year, the AEF provides a festive Christmas dinner for all of their clients. In addition to a huge meal, there's plenty of live entertainment and joy. It's a wonderful way to spend your Christmas Eve.
January 2003
In January, I marched with my Sisters in one of the many peace protest marches that took place. It was an amazing and powerful experience and helped to show me yet another facet of what it means to be a Sister. Several people at the march thanked us for being there.

January was also the first meeting of the new Board. I was honoured, thrilled and just a little intimidated at being elected as Board Chairnun of the Sisters. I wanted to be an FPM so that I could have a say in how the Order is run; starting "at the top" is certainly a good way of being more involved in that process.
February 2003
I joined several Sisters as we trekked down to San Jose to attend PantheaCon, a large pagan convention. We had a great time and it was really cool adding some fabulous Sister energies to the event. I'm looking forward to going next year; hopefully we'll even get a chance to present or something.

After spending all day at PantheaCon, we drove back into the City and made it just in time to catch the tail end of IBR Bingo. I helped to organise IBR bingo last year and it was really nice to be able to make the event again this year. There were tons of hunky bear men and lots of fun, even with the torrential downpour.
April 2003
April is the beginning of the busy season for the Sisters. A large number of us drove up to the Russian River to help our Russian River Sisters celebrate their first anniversary on Very Good Friday. It has been amazing watching their Order grow and evolve over the past year. Their Very Good Friday celebration was an amazing evening and it was very clear that the Russian River community loves its Sisters.

Then it was back to SF for our own Anniversary. The Sisters turned 24! I cannot even begin to describe what a joyous day it was. And it was all the more special because I was able to participate as an FPM. More Easter photos can be found here.
May 2003
May was slower in terms of events, but the planning for our 2003 Pride celebrations were well under way. I managed to do a "drive-by" blessing for a show that one of our saints was in, What Color Is Your Fag? at the Jon Sims Center for the Arts. I had to explain to the stage manager exactly what we'd be doing ("we're just going to say a few words..."); I had to promise her that there would be no glitter; and I had to do the blessing in a minute. I think I managed to do it forty-five seconds. After that, Sisters Rox!, Selma and I popped over to Marlena's to help sell raffle tickets for Pride Idol.
June 2003
In June, things started to get really busy. A large number of Sisters attended the Ggreg Taylor's swanky Forgotten Opera. It was a flawless evening, although it's always a little odd when the Sisters aren't the only outrageous freaks at an event.

And, of course, June brought us both Pink Saturday and Pride. Pink Saturday was amazing again this year: the addition of the Rock Stage went very well and everyone I talked to had a great time. After a lot of work, our Pride float was awesome. I think this was the best Pride I've had so far, even with the intense pain I was in after marching the route.
July 2003
Another busy month. We kicked off July by blessing Magnet, a new gay men's health clinic in the Castro. They're looking to revolutionise gay men's health and it was good to be there to help the get started.

We did an awesome fundraiser at Marlena's called "Looking Good, Feeling Fab". All told, we raised $2,000 dollars for the American Cancer Society's "Look Good...Feel Better" programme. In true Sister style, we raised a bunch of money and had a fabulous time doing it.

We did another benefit for Magnet, Will Clark's Bad Boys By The Bay. It was an afternoon of drag queens, porn stars and nuns. You definitely have to see this event to believe it: live video from the event can be found at and there's a ton of photos over at Lavender Lounge.

Closing out July was the Dore Alley Street Fair. As usual, the Sisters were on hand to play door diva, welcoming guests and collecting money. It was a great afternoon, with perfect weather and a good-sized crowd. And it was great practice for Folsom Street. Lavender Lounge has photos.
August 2003
Things are starting to slow down, at least as far as events go. The two big events in August were "The Weakest Drink" at the Edge, a benefit for Magnet and "Addadicktome", a benefit for the Transgender Legal Defense Fund that was thrown by the Golden Gate Gay Rodeo.

"The Weakest Drink" pitted several San Francisco bartenders (and The Sisters) against each other in a competition to find out who was the Weakest Drink. Sadly, The Sisters were eliminated almost right away. They failed to remember that Winston Churchill's mother invented the manhattan and didn't realise that a salty dog with sugar on the rim of the glass is just an odd way of serving salty dog.

"Addadicktome" was a lovely send-off party for an FTM who was on his way to Belgium to have the surgery (hence the name, get it?). The Golden Gate Gay Rodeo decided to turn the party into a fundraiser and invited the Sisters to come do a blessing. Sister Bella wrote an amazing blessing, a decent amount of money was raised for the Tranny Legal Defense Fund and everyone had a great time.
Whew! It's been a busy year. We still have four months to go and there's plenty to do until 2004. Hopefully the Sister journal will get updated more often now.
recorded in the Book of Marginalia :: testify, Sister!

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