Sister Edith Myflesh
31 July 2002
It's All In The Name
For most people, our name, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, means that we're always having a good time. And it is true that we encourage people to indulge in life, to enjoy themselves and to leave behind all of the useless guilt that our society tends to pile on us. However, there's more to our name than just that.

Way back when Sister Dana was still a teenager, the Catholic church started something that they called "indulgences". You see, the Church did a lot of good work. In fact, the Church did so much good work that they had a surplus in their spiritual accounts. The Church also needed lots of money to fund its various projects. So, why not sell off some of that surplus spiritual gold in exchange for a little temporal riches?

To overly simplify, say some rich merchant was out all weekend drinking and having a good time with various courtesans. Come Monday, he's feeling pretty guilty about being so sinful. So, he pops by his nearest cathedral and gives the bishop some money in exchange for an indulgence that says that he has been forgiven. These indulgences, while no longer as popular in the Church since Vatican Two, are still used to this day.

Sister Missionary P Delight, one of the Founding Four Sisters, was raised as a Catholic and this upbringing was a large influence on the foundation of the Sisters. A "perpetual indulgence" is one that can be obtained at any time. Thus, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have the authority to grant indulgences at any time. And grant them we do. Here is one of the very first indulgences that we ever gave out. I'm hoping to reprint these and start giving them out again. For a small donation, of course. In Dulge, Mi Amore!
recorded in the Book of Sistory :: testify, Sister!

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