Sister Edith Myflesh
28 March 2002
Filling Easter eggs with joy and light
A very wise and prescient nun once pulled me aside and told me to always remember that the things that made me a nun were inside of myself. All of the make-up and jewelry and frocks were merely window dressing, props that help to facilitate the transformation from man to nun. However, even without all of that stuff, I would still be a nun. My involvement with the Order continues to prove this very point to me.

Last night, I went over to Sister Constance's to help stuff eggs for Our Birthday on Sunday. I was joined by Sisters Bea and Lola, Postulant Bella and Aspirant Sharin. We all sat around Sister Constance's dining room table, filling plastic eggs with assorted candies and dishing the dirt. "Many hands make light work" indeed: we were done in no time and spent another hour chatting and enjoying each other's company. Sister Constance also cleaned out her closet, giving away a number of dresses to her Sisters.

Eventually, we bid Sister Constance goodnight and Sister Lola, Bella, Sharin and I wandered towards Bella's place. As we walked down Castro, giggling like little girls and chatting, it was hard not to smile at passers-by and wish people a lovely evening. Even without make-up or garb, we were manifesting joy and spreading it around to those we met.

Once we got to Bella's we all tried on dresses from her voluminous closet. Sister Lola found a lovely Easter dress for Sunday and Sharin tried on a dress that looked fabulous on her. I, however, made out the best, leaving Bella's with three new flawless dresses. And, more importantly, I had a wonderful evening with my Sisters.
recorded in the Book of Stories :: testify, Sister!

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