Sister Edith Myflesh
22 February 2002
Last night, Sister Kitty, Postulant Bella and I spent some time in the Sisters' Archives. I had heard of the Archives, but it is truly something that must be seen. Nearly 25 years worth of collected Sister ephemera: pictures of nuns, nun clothing, posters, statues, small memorial shrines to Nuns of the Above. It was an amazing experience being in there. More of an experience than I can capture here in words.

In the course of photocopying a book for the archives, I discovered that our Sisters in the UK use polari in their ceremonies. For those of you who don't know, polari is a slang dialect that was adopted by the UK gay community a century or so ago. Upon discovering this, I thought of the gorgeous and brilliant Paul Baker, who has a PhD in the stuff.

Here is a collection of polari links from his site:
    "Mind your language"
    "Bona Contention"
    "Researching Polari"

I think my favourite polari word is "naff": Not Appropriate for Fucking.

recorded in the Book of Training :: testify, Sister!

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