Sister Edith Myflesh
05 February 2002
"Whosoever eateth of my flesh..."
"Temples and initiation mysteries often use a sacrament, something to consume or a ritual to conduct, to change you through the worship process. We have carried this tradition over from pagan sacraments to the Holy Communion of the Catholic Church. We have even created new sacraments in our new temples, imbibing substances from the psychotropic to the mundane to imbue us with ritualistic power when descending to the underworld. Sacraments mark a start to a special time, a special place for ritual.

Be careful in choosing which sacrament you wish to take. You can choose a specific drink, alcoholic or not, that you reserve for shamanic ritual when entering a nightclub. If you are only relaxing, and do not seek to open up the senses, then do not order that drink. The sacrament becomes a physical symbol to your body and spirit that there is magick to be done." "City Magick", Christopher Penczak

recorded in the Book of Marginalia :: testify, Sister!

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