Sister Edith Myflesh
13 December 2001
"The higher the hair…"
I met Sister Lola at four o'clock in the Castro. Because I was ravenous and she was feeling a bit peckish, we went to Harvest Market where we got salads and some surprisingly good veggie sushi. Our hungers sated, we retired to her place to begin the transformation.

Arriving at Sister Lola's, I spread my cosmetics and clothes out in her dining room and then proceeded to watch her assemble her wimple. An intricate combination of a stuffed bra and three layers of cloth, the wimple was built with a lot of layering, wrapping and pinning. I winced several times as I imagined myself doing that in several months and had images of me stabbing myself in the head with straight pins. Once she had assembled the wimple, we moved on to make up. But before I went into the bathroom, she went and got my wig for the evening.

"Close your eyes," she said. I complied. "Okay, you can look now." Opening my eyes, I saw that she was holding a foot and a half tall neon green beehive. In the centre, towards the bottom, she had placed a lovely cluster of pearly beads that had two sprigs of artificial holly surrounding it. "Do you like it," she asked, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.
"It's fabulous," I replied.

I was off to the bathroom. Working quickly, I cleaned and dried my face and then pulled my bangs out of my face with a backwards baseball cap. Then it was concealer, foundation and translucent powder. With the canvas ready, I got out my eye make up. Eyes are the hardest part for me right now and I'm never entirely sure what I should do or how to get started.

Seeking Sister Lola's advice, I worked some green, pale red and red glitter onto my eyelids and under my brows, which were combed and accented with brown mascara. Another consultation with Sister Lola convinced me that I had done enough and it was time to move on. I applied lip liner and lip gloss, then, using my lip brush, added glittery red powder on top. For the finishing touches, Sister Lola added some blush and painted in my goatee a bright green, to match the wig.

Being careful not to smudge my make up, I slipped off my shirt and put on my dress, a simple black velvet stretchy thing with modest cleavage. Accompanying this was a pair of red stockings, my new black scarf with white snowflakes and a lovely silver cross that was lent to me by Sister Lola. Lola, her make up done and dress on, slipped on her wimple and then helped me into the giant wig. Borrowing a black furry jacket from her, and taking a quick set of photos, we were out the door with fifteen minutes to spare.

We walked out into a misty San Francisco evening. Honey, if you haven't figured it out by now, water is indeed a Sister's enemy and we do melt. However, our attempts at summoning a cab were fruitless, so we ended up walking the eight blocks up to Harvey's. That was a blast in and of itself. Along the way, people would stop and say hello and wave and smile. And Sister Lola and I waved at people in restaurants and cars. It was amazing to be at the centre of all of the energy and it was very cool seeing how people's faces would light up when they saw us coming.

Even though we stopped and bought flowers for Sister Dionna along the way, we made it to Harvey's in plenty of time. The first order of business was the sainting. The Sisters saint people who work as hard as the Sisters themselves, but are not a part of the Order. In this way, we can recognise others in the community who work towards making our world a better place.

After the sainting, we handed out money. All told, the Sisters gave away $15,000 in grants to over 20 different charities. These groups do excellent work in our community and cover a broad range of services and interests from the Korean LBTG group to alternative medicine and projects for our elderly LBTG community.

Our last Sisterly event was the veiling. In a lovely ceremony, Sister Dionna was given her black veil by Sister Gina, while Sister Bea and Sister Roxanne — Sister Dionna's lover and mother, respectively — watched on. The veilings are always such lovely events and serve as an inspiration for me.

We then ate cake and chatted. A couple people I knew showed up and I also got a chance to talk with Sister Lily, who I had never spoken with before as well as Sisters Merry Peter, Saki, Sparkle, Rox and Dionna and a whole gaggle of Sisters. In talking to Sister Bea later in the evening, I found out that I was indeed fortunate as Sister Lily very rarely comes out in whiteface.

From Harvey's, we marched up the hill in the rain to the Edge, where we hung out and did a little bar ministry and a lot of drinking. I had my first vodka stinger — vodka and clear creme de menthe — which I liked; surprising given my usual dislike of mint. We eventually migrated across the street to the Pendulum where I only stayed briefly before Sister Lola and I hailed a cab and headed home. The very picture of grace and class, Sister Katie forgot she was wearing a two-foot high beehive and knocked it off her head and into her lap when she got into the cab.

Arriving at Sister Lola's, I took off my make up and changed back into boy garb. It was literally like having my strings cut and I collapsed on her couch as I waited for my cab. Thanking her profusely for all of her help, I piled into a cab and headed home. All in all, I rated the evening a success and I think my debut as Sister Katie went rather well. A number of Sisters were amazed and pleased that I had done full drag as an Aspirant and I got compliments from several of them, including the Mistress of Novices and Sister Hedra, both of whom are very sparing with compliments.

All of my fears were groundless, I had done wonderfully and looked flawless while doing it. Here's to many more successful nights.
recorded in the Book of Events :: testify, Sister!

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