Sister Edith Myflesh
28 November 2001
DJ Davey B
Now that I am working on becoming a nun, I can't play bingo anymore. Despite the fact that we know that nothing underhanded was going on, the Sisters cannot afford even the slightest hint of tomfoolery. Of course, the trade off is that Sister Betty is going to teach me how to use the sound room and I will be helping to plan and run the audio portion of bingo.

I used to dj at my college radio station, so I actually have experience in both running the board and planning music. And I'm really excited to have a more active role in the production of bingo. I've already started pondering some potential playlists. And I've got a couple of ideas for possible bingo events as well. I'm really hoping that we will be able to ride on the momentum that Sister Betty has built up and make next year the best year of bingo ever.

recorded in the Book of Bingo :: testify, Sister!

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