Sister Edith Myflesh
30 November 2001
"Maybe he went to buy some leather pants."
Despite the fact that it takes place on my front porch, I usually don't bother with the Folsom Street Fair. I'm not really that into leather or any of the various fetishes that the fair celebrates. However, I think it's a great fair and this year, I was volunteering for the Sisters. As a gate monitor, I would be working with another person, collecting donations and handing out stickers. Any one with a sticker would get $1 off drinks, all day.

The Sisters have been playing door diva for the Folsom Street Fair since 1992. Donating their time and efforts, the Sisters help SMMILE raise money for various local charities.

Lucky me, I got to work the less popular afternoon shift. Of course, I did say that I'd be willing to work whatever they needed me for. Checking in, I was assigned to work the gate at 8th and Mission, working under Sister Gina, whom I was to report to. As I was early, I hung out for a while in the shade until Sister Gina came up, sporting a lovely pink parasol.

We worked the new people into the line gradually so that there would be a couple gates open while we were making the transition. Somehow, it worked out that I was on a gate by myself for about ten minutes. So I did money and stickers as fast as I could until my partner showed up. Fortunately, people who are coming out to the fair are already in a pretty good mood and didn't mind if it took a little longer to pay and get stickered.

I thought that I was going to roast but we were really fortunate and our gate was in the shade all day. Our gate was also just the right amount of busy. Not so crowded that we were working non stop, but not so slow that we stood around with nothing to do. When it came time for my ten minute break, it had hardly felt like I had been working at all.

I have to say, there are a lot of people who don't quite grasp the concept of "donation". All day, we were telling people that we were asking for a suggested donation of $3 and that the money would go towards a half a dozen charities. I had one woman get all up in face: "When did you start charging for the Fair?" I calmly told her that we have been asking for donations ever since the fair was started, that she didn't have to pay us anything, but if she donated $3 or more, she'd get a sticker and she'd be helping the community. A light went on somewhere and she whipped out her wallet, gave me a five and told me to keep the change.

Next year, I'm definitely going to use the "give a donation and get laid" spiel. It seemed to work really well for the lovely ladies who were working the gate next to mine. Besides, I might have to actually make good on my guarantee!
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