Sister Edith Myflesh
08 December 2001
A couple things from the cosmetics counter
We have a huge event on Thursday, the Saturnalia. Sister Lola asked me to come over to her place before hand so we could get made up. And I do mean, made up: make up, wig, dress. The whole nine yards. Although she said that she has everything I'll need there, I felt bad going over there empty-handed.

So I popped over to Rite Aid this afternoon and picked up some cosmetics. In true David style, I think I went a bit overboard and probably bought way more than I'll need. Especially since I'm not sure how useful some of this stuff will be when I start with the white face in six months or so (knock on wood).

I also want to pick up a new pair of boots. But we'll have to see if I can find anything in my price range tomorrow. I really need to get a job to pay for some of this stuff.

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