Sister Edith Myflesh
15 November 2001
"Oh maîtresseé"
I cannot believe how terribly nervous I was. You see, I was meeting with the Mistress of Novices, Sister Gina Tonic, the Sparkling. She would be my first real point of contact with the Sisters and would be the nun in charge of my progression through the order. Despite several reassurances, I was still nervous. What if I said the wrong thing? What if I spilled my drink on her?

Of course, everything was just fine. I got there fifteen minutes early and wandered about outside listening to "Supermodel of the World" until she arrived. You better work, indeed. We went inside the restaurant and ordered drinks. Once they arrived, she started grilling me.

The amazing part, you see, was that she merely asked me questions. "Why do you want to be a Sister?" All of the emotional impact, the pressure that I felt to give a "good answer", all of that was within me. Sister Gina just sat there and waited for me to talk.

I rambled on a bit about my reasons for a while. And then we discussed possible names for me. I explained that I wanted to be named after my grandmother, who was a tremendous influence on me. I have five on my short list: Sister Katie Might, Heisenberg's Handmaid; Sister Katie Logue, the Sorter of the Order; Sister Katie Gorey; Sister Katie Klysmic; and Sister Katie Strophic, the Immaculate Accident. They're all okay names, but I really don't feel like any of them are right.

After a while Sister Dionna Cross showed up and the three of us chatted. Sister Dionna gave me some excellent advice: the best way to use my Aspirancy is to watch and learn. Something I certainly took to heart. Sister Camille also turned up. This was nice because I had never really interacted with her before and wanted to hang out. She said, "oh yes, I remember this one. She's going to be a drag queen when she grows up." That made my night.
recorded in the Book of Training :: testify, Sister!

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